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The Baldwin Terrace Kids -

Sticky Situations

Released June 11, 2021

Take a journey with these friends who are about to get into some real trouble. What should they do?


Available on Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover.


Meet the Author of 
The Baldwin Terrace Kids

Alicia Ranee Gaston’s first “book” was made from loose-leaf paper, cardboard, and aluminum foil. As you might have guessed, she was in elementary school at the time and that was when she first realized she wanted to be a writer.   

Alicia grew up in Hampton Roads, Virginia where she spent her childhood playing outdoor games, attending church, spending time with her extended family, singing, and exploring beaches, parks, softball fields and basketball courts across Virginia with her mother and two sisters. She had a passion for storytelling from a very early age, participating in young author programs in elementary school, writing for her high school journalism club, becoming a member of the National Quill and Scroll Society, and acting in numerous plays. 

Alicia's stories are inspired by her own personal experiences: friendships, work, love, and general life events. She hopes her young readers connect with her book’s characters and the awkward situations they encounter, and that they recognize the importance of virtue and decency. 

When she isn’t writing middle-grade books highlighting the gawkiness of adolescence and the significance of character values, Alicia likes spending time with her family, watching movies, doing arts and crafts, reading, cooking, listening to music and working on her non-profit, Maximizing Character, a youth organization where she is Founder and Executive Director. 

Alicia is a behavioral health professional specializing in mental health case management, homeless outreach, youth behavioral counseling and intellectual and developmental service provision. She lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia with her husband and has two adult children who have all been encouraging supporters in her writing venture. The Baldwin Terrace Kids: Sticky Situations is her debut children’s book.


"The Baldwin Terrace Kids: Sticky Situations is an intriguing fictional read for young people...Beyond being a “good read” for youngsters, The Baldwin Terrace Kids: Sticky Situations is an excellent addition to school libraries and the reading list of middle school classes."

Helen R. Stiff-Williams, Ed. D., Retired Professor, Regent University

"The Baldwin Terrace Kids found themselves in some “sticky situations”...LOL. I totally could relate to my teenage year “situations” while following their journey in the Briarwood Gardens neighborhood. The back of the book reading guide lends itself to some great family dinner time conversation. A sensational read."

Carol Ellison, CEO Womb Room

"In her debut novel, The Baldwin Terrace Kids – Sticky Situations, author Alicia Ranee Gaston chronicles the everyday adventures of twins Asha and Ashley and the other boys and girls on Briarwood Terrace as they make the transition from tweens to teens. With humor and warmth, Gaston introduces readers to each child in this middle-class Black neighborhood and takes us along as they navigate their “sticky situations” -- from bullies to first loves. Along the way, we meet mothers and dads, favorite aunties and teachers as the children learn those lessons that will help them to successfully navigate Baldwin Terrace and beyond. Let’s hope …Sticky Situations is the first of a series."


Darlene Wiggins Dockery, Ph.D., Carpe Diem Educational Consulting

" The Baldwin Terrace Kids book is a must read for pre-teens and teens.  It is a great addition to school clubs because of the many issues addressed to include bullying, developing good character, and the overall adjustment of being a teenager. The added bonus is the Reading Group Guide included, which creates even more value to the situations in the book.  The Baldwin Terrace Kids book is relatable and offers an opportunity to have real conversation with teens about their experiences."

Dr. Tamika Lett, President & CEO at T. L. Payne Consulting LLC


Interested in booking or interviewing Alicia Ranee Gaston? 

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Press Release

HAMPTON ROADS, Virginia, June 11, 2021


The Baldwin Terrace Kids are a group of middle school friends whose experiences in their beloved neighborhood and schools challenge and build their character. Whether it’s being mindful of the type of friends they keep, confronting bullies, or having good sportsmanship, the friends face challenges to learn the values and merits that are truly important. Author Alicia Ranee Gaston masterfully weaves a story of adventure, self-discovery, strength of character, and problem-solving in the first volume of her new middle-grade series The Baldwin Terrace Kids: Sticky Situation.




If you would like more information about author Alicia Ranee Gaston and her book, The Baldwin Terrace Kids: Sticky Situation contact her at

Catalog/Blurb/Ad Copy

When several neighborhood kids encounter sticky situations that test their character, they learn how to navigate the awkwardness of adolescence and stay true to themselves.

The first volume in a thought-provoking and entertaining new middle-grade series which helps middle-graders develop strong social skills, establish good citizenship, and promote healthy socio-emotional development.

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