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Catch the Vision

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I have been creating vision boards for years, long before they became a workshop, girlfriend party movement and social media trend. The practice of creating a vision board had been introduced to me as a teenager in church, inspired by the scripture - Habakkuk 2:2-3. The scripture highlights living by faith by writing down the vision so that the person that reads it may "run with it at the appointed time". In other words, a person can write down, map out, or outline in pictures, the life they desire, their dreams and goals. Then, by envisioning those images, words and concepts, and with a little faith and a lot of action, a person can manifest their vision over time. Vision boarding is now a phenomenon used in a variety of settings such as classrooms, church and civic groups, parties, conferences and yes, the workplace. People are catching the vision and being inspired to dream and live their best life.

By envisioning those images, words and concepts, and with a little faith and a lot of action, a person can manifest their vision over time.

Like every other year, I created my 2020 vision board, gathering my markers, old magazines, craft materials and poster board to get me started. I usually grab a good snack, put on some music and locate a large area of a table or the floor to spread out and enjoy an afternoon or evening of relaxation and creativity. I decided to share a photo of the process on social media this year since I am always so excited about creating my board and watching my plans unfold over the course of the year. I was sure to include the scripture since it inspired me and the whole vision board movement (at least in my opinion).

Today one of my colleagues suggested that our team create vision boards for our next team building activity. She informed me that she had seen my post on social media and asked if I would be willing to lead the next team building session. It was such a pleasant surprise. Not only did I happily agree to spearhead this event, but we decided that we would create vision boards for our holiday activity in December in preparation for 2021! This same colleague, shared a link to a Ted Talk presented by one of her dear friends on...what do you know...Vision Boarding! Wow, how exciting! She promised to connect me with her friend, who happens to be a native of our city, since we were both entrepreneurs and shared the same passion for envisioning.

Needless to say, I am excited about 2020 and what the future holds. I never thought my own vision boarding would spark such a connection with my work team. But then again, in thinking of my own life vision, I am on a mission to encourage others, speaking to women and youth in my sphere of influence about how to live their best life, sharing my faith and using my creativity to do it. What better way to do that than something as simple as mapping out one's dreams and goals and watching them come to pass. Truly I was happy to help someone catch the vision.

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