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Etiquette - The Life Skill That’s Always in Style

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Etiquette is an important life skill to focus on for teens and young adults. Teaching manners to children when they are younger builds a great foundation but remember, they’re not done yet. Etiquette is a lifelong effort. 

We should not assume that because a child is older they will automatically know how to handle a situation. Teens, and young adults need to learn about many topics and life situations and how to navigate through them.

Etiquette is more than just the behavior one demonstrates at mealtime. Learning to build healthy relationships, applying for their first job, interacting on social media, communication skills, dating expectations, cell phone etiquette and how to act at a special event or while visiting a friend are all important lessons youth need to learn.

The best way for parents, guardians and perhaps, youth mentors and leaders can teach these skills is to start with what you know and share your knowledge and skills. Focus on what is important to you and your family and then decide on which skills you wish to work on with your teens. Good etiquette is always in fashion.

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