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Purpose over Opinions

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hi Amplifiers! It's been a while since I last posted. It's graduation season and I'm happy to announce that my youngest is graduating in a few weeks! Yay! My husband and I have been focused on prom, senior class activities and college preparations. It's been a busy time. 

I paused between graduation announcements, party invitations and planning to reflect on the emerging adults who will soon launch into their new season of life be it to college life, the workforce, trade school or the military. These young, aspiring professionals, leaders and go getters will set out into the world with optimism, passion and purpose. They will be ready to take on the world with one goal in mind, to fulfill their dreams. That is, until the opinions of others begin to consume their minds. Those of us who lived life for a little while and experienced a disappointment or two know that you had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.

My hope is that parents, educators, spiritual leaders and mentors will encourage these young people to value themselves, their abilities and face every "giant" with confidence. One way to equip them is to encourage them to affirm their values and purpose every day. I've noted a few positive affirmations here that I've shared with my own biological children as well as the youth I mentor.

Positive Affirmations to Inspire You Each Day

1. I value myself

2. I am grateful

3. I am strong

4. I am brave

5. I am intelligent

6. I am focused

7. I am wealthy

8. I am well

9. I exhibit self-control

10. I am kind

As I reflect upon the last days of my son's and his friends' school years and childhood, I celebrate this new chapter in their lives and pray that everything that they set their mind to is blessed. While there will always be naysayers in life, May the positive declaration of their self worth and esteem amplify, drowning out the pessimistic opinions of others who are not privy to the innermost desires of their heart. May they walk in their purpose with joy and confidence.

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