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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Today I stumbled upon a quote that read, "6+3 =9 but so does 5+4. The way you do things isn't always the only way to do them. Respect other people's way of thinking." Author Unknown

What a thought-provoking quote. It caused me to sincerely think about how often I become self-righteous without even realizing it. I believe that my way is the only way. Such attitudes toward another person's way of thinking causes resentment, conflict and even confusion amongst the best of friends, lovers, colleagues, communities and even nations. It's important to acknowledge that not everyone is the same and it's okay.

God created each of us in His image with unique assignments. I've learned to value different perspectives. Doing so has helped me to grow in ways I never imagined. Appreciating other people's way of thinking creates dialogue, opens hearts to new, fresh and innovative ideas, produces knowledge and builds relationships. When we respect other people's way of thinking we reveal our true self, our heart of compassion, understanding and acceptance. Not everyone is the same and I think that's awesome! As my Pastor often says as he encourages the congregation to impact the world and fulfill your God-given assignment, "No one can do what you do like you do."

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