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Stones of Remembrance

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

A monument of stones was used during ancient times to remind future generations about the history of their culture, a major event or celebration.

The stones of remembrance that were set up on the bank of the Jordan at the direction of God's servant and Israel's leader, Joshua, provided an occasion in the future, for parents to teach their children about God's power and faithfulness. A monument of stones was used during ancient times to remind future generations about the history of their culture, a major event or celebration, and, in the case of Israel crossing the Jordan, a reminder of God's faithfulness and salvation. That ancient tradition lives on today as we we see "stones of remembrances" all over the globe commemorating significant events and landmarks over the centuries. What about your stones? I've often heard people say, "Forget about the past." "Don't dwell on the past." "Looking back won't get you anywhere." That may be true in some cases, but as a Woman of Faith I choose to remember the One who has been faithful to me and my family. I choose to set up the stones of remembrance and tell the stories that shaped and molded us into who we are today.

My stones of remembrance include places and things, like the church I attended from childhood until long after I was married with children, my Aunt Bertha's home where we celebrated family and special occasions, and the Bible I received as a child when I was first baptized. Family photo albums, a small rock that I wrote on and treasured after a life-changing women's conference, baby items, wedding pictures, special gifts and, even my wedding gown are all memorials to commemorate the good things that God has done for me and my family. These places and things may seem trivial to some, but to others, the sight or thought of these precious landmarks and items evokes pleasant memories of childhood, salvation, faithfulness and joy.

I also hold stones of remembrance in my heart. While things and places are great, they may one day be lost, forgotten or torn down, especially family landmarks that are not officially recognized and registered as historical landmarks. The memories and stories that I treasure within are like spiritual stones of remembrance that celebrate my faith in God, where I come from, why I do what I do, my ancestors and they point me to a bright and prosperous future.

These gems of remembrance usher me back to my childhood where I learned about a loving, powerful and faithful God who I continue to praise honor and serve to this day. They call forth sweet memories of my grandmother and mother who taught me life skills that were catalyses for my character and career. They are a monument to remind me of when I met my husband, why I chose to date, marry and continue to share a life with him, and the birth of my precious sons. And while it is not always wise to dwell on the past, I choose to believe that some of the negative circumstances in my life have a place in my stones of remembrance. They shaped me into the woman I have become.

The memorials that I have set up on the banks of the river of life provide an occasion for me to teach my children, and anyone else who is willing to listen, about the power of God and all the good things He has done for me, guiding me through this life on earth. They serve as brilliant, solid, declarations of rich, cultural histories, loved ones, special places in history and one's faith in God.

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