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You Gotta Eat - Episode 3

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Good Day Amplifiers! I have a confession: Lately I have been struggling with my diet and exercise regimen! I've craved way more sweets than I should, indulging in kettle chips, brownies, cookies and, yes, ice cream! Yes! I said it! Ice cream! Sometimes with a cookie or a brownie! Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a believer in "eating in moderation" and that I generally maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, for the past six months I've lacked the discipline and mindset to workout and eat healthy. My behavior seemed to be reflective of the saying, "your strongest muscle and worst (I say, potential, not worst) enemy is the mind." I just let go! So today, I decided to take control of this mind and body of mine. I didn't overthink it, as I often do, I just did it.

I decided to share my story because I hope you will join me on this journey in returning to wellness. Perhaps it's also another great way to hold myself accountable. Fortunately, my husband is a certified personal trainer so he's definitely going to keep me in check. The key is acknowledging that I need help! I appreciate that my husband has not been pushy about working out despite observing some of my poor eating habits. He has been patient with me. When I announced that I would be dusting off the elliptical and going into the garage to use our home gym, he offered some advice on staying cool and safely using the equipment. He welcomed my idea for dinner tonight as well, salad.

Your strongest muscle and potential enemy is the mind.

During these past six months I made some futile attempts to workout. My yoga sessions were hit or miss and my episodes of walking consisted of a couple of events each month with my nonprofit organization. However, these random activities were not enough to make a substantial difference in my overall health. I continued to feel sluggish, lack energy, feel depressed sometimes and gain a few pounds. Pounds I do not need considering that I already manage a medical condition. I had major surgery in the midst of my downturn and had to refrain from any exercise for weeks...not good. Needless to say, this change of mind is long overdue.

Today, like any other day, I have to eat. Instead of my rich pasta dishes, breads and desserts, I opted for salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumbers and topped it off with leftover chicken from yesterday's dinner.

This is certainly not a new meal option for me and my family, just one that I have been more recently preparing for my husband and choosing something heartier. It felt great to workout and sit down to a healthy meal. I even opted for dessert - frozen mixed berries with slices of banana and walnuts. During prayer and meditation I've been focusing on taking initiative in various areas of my life. Today I took the initiative to renew my commitment to a healthy lifestyle, not to fit into a dress or a bathing suit, or to look great at some upcoming event. I'm committed to re-establishing a quality of life. You gotta eat, right? Let's just be sure that what we consume builds wellness rather than treating disease and dis-ease.

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