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Amplify Life

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We all have a voice, a story that must be heard in order to thrive.

What does it mean to amplify? It means to enlarge, to grow, to make stronger. As I watched a favorite television show I saw the word come up on the screen during one of the final scenes. It was handwritten on a yellow sticky note, underlined for emphasis. The actress ran her hand over the word, searching for answers to her own next move in life. She was a journalist. My first major in college. The word resonated with me. My eyes grew wide with anticipation, my smile grew bigger, I moved in closer to the screen, as if this gorgeous actress was my BFF, preparing to whisper her darkest secret to her trusted ride or die. I had been searching to find a word, a phrase, a scripture, a quote…something that described my joy in being a blessing to others. This was it....I'd found my inspiration. Amplify.

I quickly located the official meaning of the word, why, well, because I love words. My search was over. Amplify had come to me so unexpectedly. How ironic that the show featured a free-spirited journalist who had a passion for community activism, who wrote about the issues and concerns taking place in her community only to be lauded and reprimanded at the same time. She was at a crossroad in her life. Stay put, and allow others to censor her thoughts, her voice, and her life, or go...move forward, progress, develop, cultivate her writing, her career, her relationships and develop her true self. Go Amplify!

Like my actress friend, I too am at a crossroad. A free-spirit that no longer wishes to be silent, but one who is in search of truth, goodness and joy. Amplifying the voices of others is what I envision this new road will lead me to. I am grateful to have found my muse, what inspires me to do what I do. To amplify is to embark upon a long journey, going the distance to experience reward, satisfaction and success. We all are ever evolving, growing, becoming stronger. Yes, my hope is to amplify. Help to amplify others. We all have a voice, a story that must be heard in order to thrive. We amplify to help the next person or cause. We amplify to develop and to broaden our reach. As I embrace the implications of this word upon my life, this new journey, I encourage YOU to join me.

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