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Holiday Brunch

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, a co-worker shared that she had attended a baby shower brunch and began to share all of the delicious foods that were served at the event. Quiche and mimosas quickly stood out to me. I thought this would be a great option for my own holiday breakfast! I added a few more items to my grocery list and decided that on Thanksgiving morning, I would change things up a bit. I planned to treat the family to a savory sage sausage quiche and mimosas.

On Thanksgiving morning I was all ready to prepare the quiche, two to be exact, when my son declared that no one would eat the quiche. My guest wasn’t familiar with quiche and my husband was neutral during the discussion. There goes that idea, I thought. While some people skip breakfast and simply hold out until the Thanksgiving meal, we eat breakfast every holiday morning. We ate a simple breakfast this Thanksgiving but the thought of making a quiche and enjoying a mimosa was still on my mind.

As my guest and I watched the Thanksgiving parade and kept an eye on the last few dishes that were still cooking for the afternoon holiday meal, we decided to, at least, try the mimosas. That was a real treat. We used Moscato, fruit juice (orange juice and a passion fruit juice) and ginger ale (for the virgin mimosas). Yum!

The holiday weekend progressed and as Sunday approached, I made up in my mind that after church service I would make my quiche. I generally eat very light before church because I sing and therefore I don’t like to have a full stomach. Each week, after church, my family and I like a hearty brunch. This Sunday, however, we would try something different. After gathering a few ingredients, sage sausage, sautéed onions, sharp cheddar cheese, eggs, frozen pie crust, salt and pepper, I prepared my long-awaited sausage quiche! It was absolutely delicious! I paired my dish with a virgin mimosa, consisting of orange juice, passion fruit juice and ginger ale, sat back and enjoyed my Sunday afternoon.

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