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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The sweetest, unexpected gesture happened this week.

My doorbell rang and as I approached the stairs from my home office, I noticed a man walking away from the door. Just as my husband inquired from downstairs if I was expecting anything, I quickly assumed that the package was another one of his online purchases containing a pair of running or designer shoes or some new apparel for one of his modeling gigs. I responded to him with an adamant, No. I continued to stand at the top of the steps, now peering out of one of the side windows that flank my front door. My husband retrieved the package, and before he could close the door informed me that the mail was for me. I accepted the package. Did I forget something? Had I ordered something and forgotten? Like many of the women I know, I get excited about shopping so it is not likely that I would forget something like this.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude for such a thoughtful gesture from my team.

I grabbed the letter opener and commenced to opening the package. I felt like a child on Christmas morning. The pacakge contained an unfinished wooden box with a note on top that read "Note Worthy...Gift Message Enclosed". I oohed and ahhed as I pulled the stuffing away and pulled the box out of its brown packaging. I slid the cover from the gift box and uncovered a beautiful array of artisian teas in green, black, white and herbal, shortbread, honey sticks and a tea for one set. I was in heaven!

I slid the card from the Note Worthy gift message. It was a delightful get well note from my colleagues. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for such a thoughtful gesture from my team. They know me so well. The gift of tea was very comforting and reminded me of the caring workplace that I will soon return to upon my recovery from recent surgery. So while I heal and wait patiently to get back to my normal physical activities, I will write and sip on these delicious teas.

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