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Value Yourself

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Value yourself and your time. This was the advice that I shared with a young man recently as he assessed his relationship with a girl and whether or not he needed to move on. As I mentor youth and young adults in my community I often encourage them to value themselves. Youth and young adults need to know that they have value, not only in their academics, gifts, talents and abilities and, perhaps their jobs, but they need to understand that they should be valued in their relationships, be it friends, romantic or familial.

Value yourself and your time.

Too often I see boys and girls enter into relationships and become codependent. They find their value in the relationship, in the other person, thinking, for some reason, that life is nothing without their significant other. I believe in love and romance and I am all for working hard to make a relationship work. However, if there is no self-worth on the part of one or both of the individuals, I believe that they are setting themselves up for a long, drawn out drama fest.

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